Welcome to the Maple Grove Montessori Blog

Happy New Year! We thought we’d try something new in 2015 – start a weekly blog that addresses specific topics around Montessori in the world and at our school. What we’re hoping is that this will be a meeting place where we can address specific questions that you may have and build a community at the same time.

Some of the topics that we’d like to cover are:
— Montessori 101
— A day in the life of a Kindergartener
— Maria’s iPad : Montessori and Technology
— Public Montessori : the Joys and Challenges
— Intermediate Montessori : beyond primary materials
— The Grade Seven year
— So Happy Together : Multi-age Groupings
— Where are they now? High School perspectives from former Montessorians
— Different personalities, same Montessori – how (and why) Montessori works for different kids

And some ‘regular’ features we’re hoping to include here are:
— Teacher outlooks : let’s talk to and get to know our amazing teachers
— Parent Profiles – who are you?
— Montessori in the home – big and small ideas on Montessori in other areas of your life
— Montessori resource review – reviews of books/blogs/resources

Much of this information is already out there and, in those cases, we’ll be acting as curators – bringing the material to light and, where appropriate, adding context for our particular environment. While the blog will have a particular Montessori focus, we’re also going to include any material that we think might help you connect with your child. A good example of that is the link to the “Yardsticks” information on the sidebar.

For content that isn’t out there or that is specific to our school and situation… we’ll do our best. It may turn out that a certain topic is harder to analyze than we thought – and when that’s true we’ll be honest about it and possibly shelve it for another time.

We’ll be posting every Monday-ish (‘Montessori Mondays’).

That’s us – what this is and what we’d like to do here.  A quick word about me – I’m Katharine and I parent three children – my oldest is in Ms. Belliveau’s primary class (she’s grade 2); the middle one will be in Kindergarten next year; and my little guy is Kindergarten class of 2017.

Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see and discuss in this space? We have comments open but if you’re shy (we understand) feel free to catch me after school sometime or accost Monica at cookies & coffee in the library on Friday mornings or just email me.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Maple Grove Montessori Blog

  1. monicaktang

    Whoohoo! It’s alive! I think it is a great idea. I look forward to learning lots, sharing much, and connecting with parents. I’m liking 2015 already 🙂



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