Reminder : Kindergarten Program of Choice Registration

Just a reminder that you must register in-coming siblings by February 4th. From the vsb website:

“The application process for all Kindergarten choice programs has moved online. The online process has fully replaced the paper-based process used in past years. The online application process opens on Jan 12, 2015 and closes at midnight** on Feb 4, 2015. In order to access the online application process parents will require their child’s Personal Education Number (PEN). Parents who have registered at their English catchment school can access their child’s PEN directly from the K-Choice Online Application website when it opens on January 12, 2015. The online application form will allow parents to select and rank their choices or French Immersion school locations. All student placements in choice programs are determined by a priority draw process.”

**The text states the deadline as midnight but the choice website is clear that the site closes at 4PM on February 4th.

The process is quick and easy (assuming you have already registered your kindergartener at their catchment school).


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