Cross Boundary – Action Required!

Montessori Parent Committee Announcement:
If you plan for your children to attend Magee in Grade 8, and your child is a cross-boundary student, please note that the VSB is moving to enforce a current policy that out-of-catchment students be selected by lottery, if there is insufficient space to accommodate all cross-boundary applicants.

A petition for parents to sign has been prepared to voice our concerns on this policy, requesting the board to reconsider this position with respect to Montessori Maple Grove students, as it is a city wide program and the school builds strong relationships between students here and at Magee. We are looking for parents to show your support by attending the VSB Committee II meeting on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:00pm. The location will be Room 120, 1580 West Broadway, Vancouver.


如果您打算為您的孩子注册8年級在Magee,而您的孩子是跨境學生, 請注意. 如果學校沒有足夠的空間來容納所有跨境申請,VSB將已抽籤的方式决定跨境學生的申請。

為說出我們對這一政策的憂慮, 我們草擬了一份請願書為家長簽字.我們要求董事會重新考慮這一立場對於蒙台梭利Maple Grove學生的影響,因為它是一個城市性計劃而會直接影響學校與Magee學生之間的牢固關係。我們正在尋找的父母出席VSB委員會II會議. 2月18日下午5:00, 週三。1580西百老匯,溫哥華 @120室。


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