The Science Behind Montessori

On May 8th, Betsy Coe is coming for a parent information night.  One of the topics that she will be discussing is the science behind Montessori.  I am a science-geek and am very much interested in this topic but even if you’re not Betsy will engage and entertain you.  

If you can’t make the talk or you wish to pre-learn before the talk (though it’s certainly neither required nor expected!), here are a few resources.  

First up is the book Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius.  If the idea of reading a 432 page book seems out of reach (as it does to me – but if you read it and want to write a review for this blog, please let me know), you could also chew down the following three shorter articles.

1. Students Prosper with Montessori Methods.  Before the aforementioned book was published its author wrote an paper that was published in Science.  This is a summary of that article.

2.  Executive Funtion and Montessori Methods.  Discusses what executive function is, why it’s important, and how Montessori helps develop it in children.  Reading, Executive Function, and Montessori is similar but specifically looks at how neuroscience around the development of reading supports the Montessori approach to language. 

3. Neurology and Montessori.  Looks at many aspects of neurology and how they apply in Montessori Education.

Each one of the links above links to other articles and research allowing you to go down the rabbit hole.  

Or… You could come to the library; sit in a comfy chair; eat a cookie or two and have tea; chat with other parents and get to know your community; and hear what Betsy Coe has to say about it all (and how to apply all the theory in your real life).  Doesn’t that sound lovely?


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