Montessori Resources

We started this blog as a way to connect to parents while being informative and illuminating on many Montessori-based topics. Public School Montessori is still a fairly rare thing and we have our own perspective on things. However, prior to my daughter being accepted for Maple Grove in 2012 I had ZERO Montessori background. I knew virtually nothing.

Along the way, I have developed some go-to resources for both my personal Montessori journey and as background and ideas for the blog. In the next PAC meeting on October 21st at 7PM in the library I’m going to talk about the blog. I invite you to come and I remind you that WE ARE ALL PAC.

As a precursor to this meeting, and because people have been randomly asking, I share the following fundamental resources:

1. The Montessori Foundation’s Parent Page. This is the mother of all resources. Montessori 101 on that page is a 69 page collection of fundamental Montessori information – from the background and history to very practical classroom and material walk-throughs. It is amazing. If you are wondering how Montessorians teach X (e.g., reading, writing, math, courtesy, generosity, Independence) this collection will fill you in. Other articles speak to FAQs, Montessori in the Home, discipline etc…

2. Montesori Videos : There are innumerable sources of Montessori videos – you just need to search YouTube. But I have found excellent quality and consistency (as well as nice lengths!) from BluffView Motessori School (a tuition-free charter Montessori school in Winona Minnesota). In their YouTube channel they also include other good videos that they themselves do not produce.

3. Montessori Blogs: Again, there are innumerable Montessori blogs out there. My top three, in no particular order, are:

  • Montessori Rocks So MUCH good stuff. It’s clearly extremely pro-Montessori, but aren’t we all? It has three ‘perspectives’ – the student, the educator, and the parent and they are all fantastic. Well written and beautiful. The only negative is that right now the blog is pestering you for your email with every new page load. If you can ignore that, it’s worth it.
  • How We Montessori A Montessori mom with two boys, aged seven and four, who attend Montessori school in Australia. I like this blog because it is generally focused on the practical life at home rather than the educational aspects (which are seen in many other homeschooling blogs). This family is inspiring without making me feel terrible about falling short (well, most of the time).
  • Montessori 101 A wonderful blog that goes over many key Montessori concepts in easily digestible, well-written posts. For new Montessori families, I recommend her “Start Here” section. She also offers an e-course: “What every Montessori Parent Should Know” (I haven’t taken it so I can’t speak to whether it’s worth the $30 but it sounds awesome)

Those are my top-recommended resources. One thing I am activity seeking are resources around older-elementary ages (both to help make this blog relevant to all parents in our community and also to help me personally as my daughter enters grade 4 next year).

Do you have a go-to resource that I’ve missed? If so, please comment!


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