Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016!

Sometimes I feel like the new year starts in September for our family. Then January comes around and I feel a sense of rejuvenation and renewal. Part of this feeling is the desire to Resolve!

I have gone back and forth on Resolutions. I love the idea of the possibility of true change but simultaneously hate disappointment if the change doesn’t happen. This is especially true if I actually make the resolved ‘thing’ happen and yet don’t see the (perhaps irrationally) expected results (it turns out that drinking eight cups of water alone does not make one svelte).

This year, after reading this inspiring article, I decided to go for it , not only for me, but with my kids.  Cabin fever and too much Holiday togetherness may have played a small part.

We went with the article’s basic suggested format.  I drew a flower on a piece of paper and  put their initial in the middle (their picture seemed like too much work).  Then we did one petal each for:

  • Go
  • Do
  • Learn
  • Try
  • Help

Honestly, it was… interesting. My kids were on board and surprisingly enthusiastic and my oldest two (8 and 5) even kind of got the point. I assisted  my little guy a lot and we got something out of it that will work for our family.

My middle has decision paralysis and it was a bit of a slog to get her through it with her (I was trying hard not to feed her any concrete suggestions). Half way through she expressed concerns that all the categories were really the same (except Help) but, simultaneously, the fear that she was putting things in the ‘wrong’ category.

With my oldest I liked that she came up with things on her own but I think part of me wanted the goals to be loftier. 🙂

I’ve embraced the final product. They are each basically specific and measurable goals (we didn’t put deadlines so they aren’t Timely). And they are achievable – which I think might be the key to succeeding with New Year’s Resolutions.


Happy 2016 Everyone!



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