Concept: Growth Mindset


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We have had two PAC meetings where the amazing Lori Prodan has presented the growth mindset to us.  Last year, I posted about the growth mindset and it’s application in a Montessori system.  The concept is gaining traction in our homes and schools.

But my sense from the comments at the meetings, from discussions with parents, and my own attempts to model and encourage a growth mindset at home — I just don’t think we always know what we’re doing.

The New York Times Motherload blog (which despite it’s rather unfortunate name is a nice parenting resource covering wide ranging topics) had an article this week about the pitfalls of the growth mindset “‘Nice Try!’ Is Not Enough”.  The article highlights a number of pitfalls about implementing the growth mindset including instilling an idea that the trying is more important than the actual learning and that continual effort (no matter how puny or unchanging) will eventually lead to results.

In turn, the New York Times article links to an article Dr. Carol Dweck wrote for Education Week which is also excellent and provides concrete suggestions for following through with more than just the “you looked like you worked really hard on that” messages.  Both articles are great and I would recommend them if you’ve been wondering if you could do this whole growth mindset thing better.

Side Note: My apologies in the missed posting last week.  This month is flying by and I feel like I am already playing serious catch-up in 2016!  If you would ever like to guest post or have me post/discuss something in particular please let me know!





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