Montessori Material: Function of Words

One of the things that continues to impress me about Montesorri is the natural flow and interchange to and from and between the materials.  From sandpaper letters to the moveable alphabet the child is introduced to writing and then reading (more about that in a later post) and at some point the child becomes curious about the words themselves and the function of words is introduced.

The function of words material isn’t, in and of itself, grammar but it is one building block.  The function of words introduce one part of speech (and its symbol) at a time.  The tactile element appears in the function of words material as physical symbols that the child places above the words (or object).  The children can also work in groups to act out the verbs when learning that function.

Moving on from labelling individual word, the symbols introduced in the function of words will lead to grammar boxes.   The symbols visually and spatially show the relationships between the words in a sentence.  The hope is that they will then incorporate these relationships into their own writing (e.g., by adding adverbs/adjectives or by using prepositions).  



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