Teach by Teaching, not by Correcting

At the last PAC meeting we had a Montessori focus.  The hope was to have one of our amazing teachers come and speak.  Well, the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley.  It’s report card preparation time…

So instead, at the meeting we showed and discussed this video. 

I found this (and part II) to be inspiring.  Donna speaks about thinking about discipline as a teaching process, not a punitive one.  I am far from the perfect parent and gentle discipline is hugely attractive to me.  I want so badly to be the gentle non-yelling parent who has infinite patience but is respected in my house.

Her points are so instructive and, honestly, they’re baby steps.  The content is geared to the younger set BUT I have found that these types of strategies still work for my older kid.  And the basics are the basics – be clear; be respectful; offer acceptable choices; be calm and in control.  You are the parent – the authoritative figure in your child’s life.

Honestly, I fail in discipline every day.  I come from a family of yellers and flash-anger and that’s where I find myself some days.  Exhausted and fed up with the non-listening; the defiance; and the fighting.  I have to remind myself that we can continue to try to be better.

The video isn’t perfect, but is nice to have something to aspire to.




2 thoughts on “Teach by Teaching, not by Correcting

  1. monicaktang

    “Discipline must come through Liberty…”
    That hit me like a 2×4 over the head. All of a sudden the importance having the ability to me meaningful choices becomes ever so clear. Serious food for thought.


    1. kxmorrison Post author

      Well yes – as long as those meaningful choices are the same as the ones I would make. And, honestly, some days silent/mute appeals. 🙂 Oh… this journey towards raising human beings…



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