Montessori at Home – Plants

Have you noticed that it feels (a bit, sometimes) like Spring?  

I’ve been thinking about gardening, dirt, plants, work.  And I’ve been wondering how to include my children.  At some point I realized that we don’t even have an indoor plant and maybe we should start small.  

My plan is to get small pots and dirt for each kid and let them choose what to grow from a limited set of fast growing seeds (zinnias, peas, beans, radishes, lettuce).  We’ll then plant and water and cross our fingers.  This post has some great ideas about some activities you can do around growth and plant and I was thinking about ways to tailor the experience to each kid.  Other ideas include printing the names of the plants on Popsicle sticks, counting leaves, measuring growth, making predictions on growth patterns, etc… 

But mostly I think it will be fun.


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