First Day of School!

Welcome back – or if you’re new to Maple Grove – Welcome!

There will be attempts at scintillating content in the weeks and months to come but today I just wanted to say hello and draw your attention to the next PAC meeting.

There is lots (and lots and lots) of information in that link.   But why should you come and why should you care?

For starters you should care about PAC because it is your community of school and the easiest and most effective way to know what is happening and what decisions are being made about your child’s education.

From the advocacy perspective you should care because when there’s not enough money, eventually the ‘special’ programs get cut.  This year alone band and strings are on the chopping block as are gifted staffing, special needs support, teacher-mentors, and teacher librarians.  How many more years until Montessori is on the chopping block?

Once the “fat” is gone you have to start cutting the bones.

Come to the PAC Meeting –  Wednesday, September 7 @ 7pm in the library (childcare provided).

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