New BC Curriculum Part I

There are a lot of questions circulating about the new BC curriculum and what it means for our Montessori programs in Vancouver.

I am not an expert but I will attempt to shed some light on the core components of the curriculum and how they might apply to our Montessori classrooms.  

The new curriculum can be found here .  The two bold over-arching concepts in the introduction to the curriculum are:

  • Concept-based, Competency-driven Curriculum
  • Flexible Learning Environments

The idea is that 21st Century learning is about ideas and engagement.   We want to pull children in and teach them more deeply and interactively – teaching students how to learn as well as than what to learn.

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Sound familiar?  The new curriculum on the face of it aligns closely around Montessori concepts.  The  Ministry of Education doesn’t have a position around the impact of the new curriculum on the Montessori streams, but, when asked sent the following email response:

This curriculum being more open and conceptual in nature and inquiry focused seems to fit a number of existing approaches.  I have heard IB say it comes closer to their program and I have heard that it is more aligned with Montessori.  We don’t have any official position on this, except that the new BC curriculum design is intended to be an enabling and flexible framework to fit a variety of personalized approaches.

**IB = International Baccalaureate

Periodically this year, I’ll be revisiting particular aspects of the curriculum and looking at how Montessori is positioned (or not) to incorporate the concepts into your child’s classroom.



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