Welcome to the 2017/2018 Year


Welcome back!  You made it through the first week!  Hope you are all surviving and thriving…

I’m working on a bunch of (regular, consistent, continuing) content for this year but I wanted to make some general announcements here. 

First, I wanted to welcome all our new families to the Maple Grove Montessori program – whether your child is Kindergarten or in the primary or intermediate grades we welcome you and hope you will find us to be a warm and helpful community.

Second, I wanted to particularly welcome our new Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Chloe Kao, to the school.  We will miss Ms. Greyhurst but we are excited to welcome a warm dedicated teacher to our school. Ms. Kao was a practicum student with Ms. Lin in 2014 so she already is familiar with Maple Grove and has met some of our families.  Welcome!!

Third, a warm welcome back to Ms. Adams who will be teaching the unique and “for a limited time only” 3/4/5 class.  Due to the supreme court decision upholding teachers’ right to include class size and composition in bargaining, the administration had to be creative with how we manage class size this year and the 3/4/5 class is the result.  Thank you to Ms. Adams and to the families in that class for being understanding and patient and for taking advantage of a unique opportunity.

Finally and, honestly, most importantly… you should by now all have received your packages asking for your $250 donation per child.  If you would like more information about what that is about, please see last year’s post about money.  If you want to be involved in deciding how that money gets spent, please consider volunteering for the finance committee.  If you’d like to personalized information about how your own child’s teacher is using the money, please ask them. I know that they would be more than happy to show you around the class and show you how last year’s funds were used.


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