Montessori Finance Committee

Last week I talked about the money a little bit.  We rely on your parent donation to provide the Montessori materials in your child’s classroom – the Vancouver School Board does NOT allocate funds for those materials.

The Maple Grove PAC executive have been striving for greater parent involvement and transparency around the allocation and disbursement of funds.  If you would like to know more about this I invite you to come to a meeting and be a part of the Maple Grove Montessori Finance Committee. 

Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 19th 8PM at the Tim Horton’s at 2225 West 41st (41st and Yew).

The agenda for the meeting is:

  1. Current State of Finances and Budget
  2. Inventory progress and additional investment
  3. Technology Purchases Discussion
  4. Parent Education Nights
  5. Public Montessori Teachers of BC  2017 Fall Conference

We invite all community members (parents, teachers, grandparents, etc…) who are interested and/or who have questions or concerns about any aspect of the requested Montessori donation to come out.  You need not have ANY Montessori experience – other members will attempt to provide context when needed.

You do not have to RSVP but it may help us plan for space a bit better if you do.  Just leave a note in the comments or email me through the blog.

See you there!


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