Montessori Materials Purchases

I wanted to update you on how we spend our money.  For the first time, we have attempted to order everything together (we will do another order cycle in April).  We do this to help minimize shipping costs and to facilitate discounts from the vendor.

I am writing this post for full transparency.  This money is raised through the direct donation campaign that you donate to and you have every right to understand how the money is spent. 

In this spending cycle, the majority of the money was spent in the primary classrooms but some was spent in the intermediate classes.  The materials from Canadian vendors should be in our classrooms as early as next week; the American vendors may take longer.  If you’d like to see the materials, please contact me or ask your child’s teacher – they are always enthused and happy to show you what they are using and how.

So here’s what we ordered…

Some Notes:

  • All prices below are pre-tax, pre-duty (in the case of US orders), and pre-shipping
  • Duty is anywhere from 4% to 14% depending on the category (chapter) of goods. You can see a complete schedule of chapters here.  While it seems like a good idea to ship to a US post office box and take the supplies across the border as part of a personal allowance, this is actually illegal since the items aren’t for personal use.
  • As part of a school-wide initiative, we are purchasing noise cancelling headphones for use in each classroom.  This is a similar methodology to how we funded sensory baskets for our Montessori classrooms.  This is also how we fund technology for our Montessori classrooms – as the traditional classrooms receive PAC funds for tablets or laptops, so do our Montessori classrooms.
  • We are compensating Ms. Hart for her work to develop an inventory for us.  This is work that will help us prioritize our purchasing and will save us money as we understand what we already have and what we are missing.
  • All our classrooms are in need of tables and storage.  We do plan to order much of this soon but the teachers also do not want to order too much furniture/storage until we know what the classrooms in the new school will look like and how much storage will be built in.
  • We have one outstanding order for Albanesi. We’re working out the final quote and seeing if they can offer us a vendor discount.  However, this post was getting so long that I thought I’d update the blog with the Albanesi order later (hopefully next week).
  • The eagle-eyed among you will notice that I ordered two sets of coloured pencils.  The Nienhuis pencils (from Mindset) were requested but I wanted to determine if there is a quality difference between the Nienhuis and the Montessori Outlet pencils.  If we find that there is no difference we will order from Montessori Outlet in future.  In any case, we will use these pencils.
  • Should you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts around our ordering process or what we ordered please feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment below.  I promise I take feedback well.  I’d also be happy if you’d like to be involved (but I won’t make you!).

On to the materials!

Peter from Mindset Learning was fantastic – he was super helpful and in the end gave us both free shipping and a small discount.  Given that shipping costs are up to $200 per order this is helpful to making our money go farther.  Mindset is a Canadian company (in Toronto) so we do not have to contend with duty which is a big positive and shipping is faster.

From Mindset we ordered:

Image Item Name Quantity Total Price
Printed Arrows: The Bead Material Printed Arrows: The Bead Material 2 $276.64
Bead Material: Individual Beads Nylon (AMI) Bead Material: Individual Beads Nylon (AMI) 2 $3,025.96
11 Dozen Inset Pencils (11 colours) 11 Dozen Inset Pencils (11 colours) 1 $65.00
The Animal Continent Box The Animal Continent Box 1 $230.00
The Land Of The Parts Of Speech The Land Of The Parts Of Speech 1 $27.86
Tens Boards Activity Set Tens Boards Activity Set 2 $155.40
Teen Boards Activity Set Teen Boards Activity Set 1 $77.00
Grammar Sense Game: Set 2 Grammar Sense Game: Set 2 1 $183.68
Grammar Sense Game: Set 1 Grammar Sense Game: Set 1 1 $183.68
Animals And Their Sounds Animals And Their Sounds 1 $21.70
Animal Names Animal Names 1 $21.70
Animals And Their Groups Animals And Their Groups 1 $24.50
J3015320    Base 10 stamps J3015320 Base 10 stamps 2 $86.00
 Total Order (CAD) $4,379.12

Waseca Biomes has the most beautiful wooden storage I have ever seen.  This helps make the classroom a beautiful space to be in and brings us closer to a prepared environment.

From Waseca we ordered:

Image Item Name Quantity Total Price
Waseca Reading Program Storage Waseca Reading Program Storage 2 $700.00
Language Works Language Works 1 $300.00
Language Works-Storage Language Works-Storage 1 $85.00
 Total Order (USD) $1,085.00

From Montessori Outlet (Spectrum Educational) we ordered:

Image Item Name Quantity Total Price
Grammar Boxes 1 161.95
Grammar Filing Boxes 1 347.50
Grammar Command Boxes 1 91.50
Teen Bead Hanger 1 33.50
Hundred Board 1 37.95
Color Tablets (3rd Box) 1 69.50
Montessori Sensorial Cabinet 1 347.50
11 Colored Pencils (1 Dozen Pencils Per Color) 1 31.50
Plastic Division Tube 1 9.50
Stand for Height 20 24.50
 Total Order (CAD) $1154.90

Ms Adams ordered the coolest (and most Montessori) teaching clock I have ever seen, from Hello Wood.  Ms. Griffith apparently already has one in her classroom and just needed the arrows to expand the learning.

From Hello Wood we ordered:

Image Item Name Quantity Total Price
Montessori Teaching Clock Montessori Teaching Clock 1 $115.00
Arrows for the Teaching Clock Arrows for the Teaching Clock 2 $32.00
Elementary Number Line Elementary Number Line 1 $64.00
 Total Order (USD) $211.00

1 thought on “Montessori Materials Purchases

  1. galenhutcheson

    Great post. Super detailed awesome transparency. This must have taken piles of work above and beyond the sorting, ordering, liasing with teachers and sorting inventory with Lize etc. Thanks so much for all your behind the scenes work on this. You do masses for our school and it’s really appreciated!!

    Rock on, Galen.




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