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InPraise of Morning Recess

This summer I met a wonderful mum who opted not to send her child to Maple Grove in Kindergarten because of morning recess.  I respect this mum and trust that she knows what’s best for her child; it all worked out when her daughter was accepted into Tyee in Grade 2.

But it’s a concern that is expressed a lot by families with a more orthodox Montessori background. With the dual stream schools, the traditional 2-3 hour uninterrupted work period cannot happen because of recess.<!–more–>

I respect the pure view that recess, well, interrupts the uninterrupted work cycle. But this is one more occasion where I truly appreciate the dual stream approach as a benefit.

Because kids need more recess. We are continually learning about the importance of free play for children.

The Canadian Paediatric Association urges its members to advocate for “…the protection of childrens’ recess time and extracurricular PA programs and non-structured PA before, during and after school hours”. The American Pediatric association has a specific position paper specifically about the critical role of recess for children.

There are, I’m sure, negatives to interrupting the uninterrupted work cycle but let’s not forget that there may be positives too.

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Money Money Money

Hello Everyone,

Moving forward, I’m going to try really hard to update the blog every Monday (“Montessori Monday”). I hope to have interesting and illuminating content this year including:

  • the new BC curriculum and how it affects Montessori
  • Montessori materials posts
  • Interviews with teachers and administrators
  • book reviews
  • a history of Montessori at the VSB

But first… I want to talk straight about Money.

You have all received your PAC Welcome packages and been asked for $250 per child. You might be wondering:

  • why we ask for money at all?
  • why we ask Montessori parents for more money than traditional parents?
  • what we do with all that money?

I am going to break it down. Continue reading

Be the best parent you can be

One of our amazing teachers forwarded me this invitation to post.  It’s an opportunity to join a free online parenting event over the next 21 days.

Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals… but there are people out there who devote their lives to discovering better parenting techniques and practices based on scientific research and knowledge of child development.

And for the first time ever, 21 of these leading experts in child behavior, education, nutrition, sleep and child development (along with experts in Montessori parenting) are all gathering together Continue reading

Wear Red for Public Education

I will return with non-political Montessori posts soon, I promise.  But in the meantime… (Cross-posted with permission):

On Thursday, May 19, we encourage all citizens across BC to join us in wearing RED to mark the fact that, although the BC budget is in the black, public education is in the red.

Parent Advocacy Network and Families Against Cuts to Education
Respond to BC Budget 2016

Thursday, May 19, marks the end of the current Legislative session and the passing of the BC Liberal government’s balanced budget. Sadly, while BC may be in the black, public education is surely in the red. As part of a joint FACE-PAN campaign — #bcedinred — FACE has been tracking school district budget shortfalls. As of Wednesday, May 18, half of the 60 School Boards had reported operating budget shortfalls with a combined total of $84.17 million.

The BC public education system has seen a long history of adverse policies and chronic structural underfunding which has crippled the public system forcing school boards to cut programming, support staff, resource workers, counselors, specialist teachers, librarians, maintenance, resources and supplies while increasing class sizes and closing schools.

The 2016/17 BC budget indicates that we live in a province of relative prosperity. Unfortunately, public education is not being funded accordingly, much to the detriment of our future society. PAN and FACE believe that a high-quality public education system is the cornerstone of a democratic society. We cannot condone a budget that is balanced on the backs of children in public schools. On Thursday, May 19, we encourage all citizens across BC to join us in wearing RED to mark the fact that, although the BC budget is in the black, public education is in the red.

To read the full statement click here.