Advocacy : VSB Proposed Budget

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We interrupt the usual content on his blog to encourage you to advocate.  Now.  Today.  The VSB proposed budget is out and they have had to make impossible decisions to balance the budget in the wake of chronic and long term underfunding by the BC government.  Larger class sizes?  Check!  Fewer resources to support special needs kids?  Check! Closing schools?  Check!  

Are the special programs like Montessori, Arts, and French cut?  Not yet – but if the proposed cuts are made and nothing changes what will be left to cut next time around?

There will be opportunities for public input on the budget but those sessions won’t magically fund the school board.  

More info: Vancouver Sun 

What can you do?  Care!  Advocate.  Write your MLA.  NOW.  It’s so easy – here’s a tool that basically does it for you.  Will it work?  Who knows but don’t we need to try? 

Montessori at Home – Plants

Have you noticed that it feels (a bit, sometimes) like Spring?  

I’ve been thinking about gardening, dirt, plants, work.  And I’ve been wondering how to include my children.  At some point I realized that we don’t even have an indoor plant and maybe we should start small.  

My plan is to get small pots and dirt for each kid and let them choose what to grow from a limited set of fast growing seeds (zinnias, peas, beans, radishes, lettuce).  We’ll then plant and water and cross our fingers.  This post has some great ideas about some activities you can do around growth and plant and I was thinking about ways to tailor the experience to each kid.  Other ideas include printing the names of the plants on Popsicle sticks, counting leaves, measuring growth, making predictions on growth patterns, etc… 

But mostly I think it will be fun.


This week, Kottke introduced me to the concept of Flow  (and provided some of the content of this post).  The author of Flow,  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, introduces the concept as “a state of intrinsic motivation in which a person is fully immersed in what she or he is doing for the sake of the activity itself.” Continue reading

Montessori Material: Function of Words

One of the things that continues to impress me about Montesorri is the natural flow and interchange to and from and between the materials.  From sandpaper letters to the moveable alphabet the child is introduced to writing and then reading (more about that in a later post) and at some point the child becomes curious about the words themselves and the function of words is introduced.
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Concept: Growth Mindset


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We have had two PAC meetings where the amazing Lori Prodan has presented the growth mindset to us.  Last year, I posted about the growth mindset and it’s application in a Montessori system.  The concept is gaining traction in our homes and schools.

But my sense from the comments at the meetings, from discussions with parents, and my own attempts to model and encourage a growth mindset at home — I just don’t think we always know what we’re doing.

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