Updates from the MFC Meeting

Thanks to all the parents who came out to the Montessori Finance Committee meeting last Tuesday.  We got a lot done and it was a pleasant and effective group.  If you weren’t able to be there, please consider coming out next time (date TBD).

Here are some points that were discussed/decided at the meeting.   Continue reading


Montessori Finance Committee

Last week I talked about the money a little bit.  We rely on your parent donation to provide the Montessori materials in your child’s classroom – the Vancouver School Board does NOT allocate funds for those materials.

The Maple Grove PAC executive have been striving for greater parent involvement and transparency around the allocation and disbursement of funds.  If you would like to know more about this I invite you to come to a meeting and be a part of the Maple Grove Montessori Finance Committee.  Continue reading

InPraise of Morning Recess

This summer I met a wonderful mum who opted not to send her child to Maple Grove in Kindergarten because of morning recess.  I respect this mum and trust that she knows what’s best for her child; it all worked out when her daughter was accepted into Tyee in Grade 2.

But it’s a concern that is expressed a lot by families with a more orthodox Montessori background. With the dual stream schools, the traditional 2-3 hour uninterrupted work period cannot happen because of recess.<!–more–>

I respect the pure view that recess, well, interrupts the uninterrupted work cycle. But this is one more occasion where I truly appreciate the dual stream approach as a benefit.

Because kids need more recess. We are continually learning about the importance of free play for children.

The Canadian Paediatric Association urges its members to advocate for “…the protection of childrens’ recess time and extracurricular PA programs and non-structured PA before, during and after school hours”. The American Pediatric association has a specific position paper specifically about the critical role of recess for children.

There are, I’m sure, negatives to interrupting the uninterrupted work cycle but let’s not forget that there may be positives too.

Recess is Not a Privilege (Montessori Rocks)
Amazing video of a 4 year old during his uninterrupted work cycle
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Money Money Money

Hello Everyone,

Moving forward, I’m going to try really hard to update the blog every Monday (“Montessori Monday”). I hope to have interesting and illuminating content this year including:

  • the new BC curriculum and how it affects Montessori
  • Montessori materials posts
  • Interviews with teachers and administrators
  • book reviews
  • a history of Montessori at the VSB

But first… I want to talk straight about Money.

You have all received your PAC Welcome packages and been asked for $250 per child. You might be wondering:

  • why we ask for money at all?
  • why we ask Montessori parents for more money than traditional parents?
  • what we do with all that money?

I am going to break it down. Continue reading